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PE (Polyethylene) Welding

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EKV Plumbing provides a Polyethylene Fusion Welding Service for major contractors with projects that require H.D.P.E welding.

All our poly fabrications and PE welding systems are completed in accordance with the POLYTEC Accreditation process for Butt Welding and Electrofusion Welding.

Our services include:

  • Butt Welding systems
  • Electrofusion welding
  • Extrusion Welding for low pressure applications
  • De-Beading of internal welds
  • Data Logging and an Onsite Repair Service
  • Gas services

We can provide a wide range of poly pipe welding for systems such as:

  • Chilled Water Lines
  • Pipe Manifolds
  • Tailings Pipelines
  • Fire Mains
  • Sewer Mains
  • Water Mains
  • Directional Bored Pipelines
  • Pipe and Riser systems
  • Gravity Feed Pipelines
  • Pump Deliveries
  • Suction Pipes
  • Pressure Pipelines
  • Gas Services
  • Waste Water Pipelines 

All welding is completed in accordance with the “POLYTEC” accreditation process for Butt welding. Electrofusion joins also follow the guidelines of the “POLYTEC” accreditation process.